We'll Call You by Jacob Sundberg

‘A reflection of our times. Hits so close to the mark as to make you blush.’
Radio Sweden P1 

A regional office supplies magnate who yearns to be a poet. 

A purchasing manager who sees big city life as the route to avoiding school reunion shame. 

An interior design fanatic who needs to make up her mind about a contentious mug. 

We’ll Call You is a book by Swedish author Jacob Sundberg. In nine short tales of job interviews, We’ll Call You recounts a range of facets of modern society. Often with pitiless humour and each story with an eye for the absurd in human relations.

We’ll Call You

is a collection of nine stories of the aspirations, self-deception, apathy and despair of the modern job interview.

Publisher: Nordisk Books

Pages: 176

Translator: Duncan J. Lewis

Released: November 19th, 2020

Check out the Swedish original >>here

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